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Want to Know About Us?


Bahuguna Techmotives Pvt Limited offers non-hazardous solid waste management and environmental services in India. It offers solid waste management, Incinerations solutions, C&D waste and soil remediation services for Government municipal Authorities.

We are based out of Hyderabad, Telangana providing solutions for complete Design & Engineering, Turnkey solutions, Operation & Maintenance. We have our machines Installation across India starting from Punjab to Tamilnadu. We started our journey in the year 2010 with a vision of pursuing Environmental understanding, & developing ECO-friendly Infrastructure in India and floated Bahuguna Techmotives Pvt Ltd in Year 2018.

We are a bootstrapped organisation and were fortunate to grow year on year & we have targeted ourselves with 200% growth for year 2023 -24.

In short time We have successfully earned name & carved a niche among the most recognized manufacturers of waste destruction machines & other products across India, Today Bahuguna Techmotives Pvt Ltd is an emerging environmental firm in India, manufacturing world class quality Products like self powered Garbage destruction systems, Eco bean MSW reject disposable machine Organic waste Converters (Wet waste) Legacy waste solutions, Bio Mining, Electric Cremators, incinerators, & floating Thrash barriers for its clients. We have a mission to make state of the art environmental protection products affordable and available for Government to help save our planet.



From the time we started Bahugunatech, sustainability has been integral to our success and we have a long-standing commitment to investing in sustainable solutions. We recognize that our customers rely on us to provide viable alternatives to more traditional waste management options, including solutions that help them meet their own sustainability goals

Safety, Compliance & Responsibility


The health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve is our first & foremost priority, and incorporated into every stage of what we do. All our Systems perform within the permissible limits of CPCB norms and are safe to user’s health & Environment. We believe that, by providing safe, accessible and cost-effective solutions, we encourage greater environmental responsibility.

Striving for High Standards!


We are a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to maintain the quality of product. We always strive to perform at the highest standards possible. We are convinced that quality, innovation and service are cornerstones that guide our culture while building our legacy & preferred to be known as a “company with difference”.

To work with complete Integrity and 100% Ethics, Respect for the customer, Work hard & keep innovating solutions

Our Mission


To enable economic growth through waste management Services, create infrastructure and development, and to provide long-term solutions that support communities and protect the planet.

Our vision


Our vision is to become the number one Environmental Solution Company and to ignite awareness of the environment to every global citizen.

“Environmental Pollution Is An Incurable Disease. It Can Only Be Prevented.” – Barry Commoner