Legacy waste treatment/ Bio-Mining

Legacy waste treatment/ Bio-Mining


Bahugunatech is into solid waste management for the complex processes like legacy waste dumpsite reclamation. With Bio mining, we have scientific approach towards effectively execution of the project.

India’s cities are struggling to manage their waste as these dumpsites have already exceeded their capacity and cannot take in any more waste.

They have also not managed to find land for installing waste-processing facilities.

These dumpsites have emerged as pollution hubs in the middle of human settlements, as cities have grown over the decades. It has, therefore, become a necessity for the city authorities to reclaim the existing dumpsites in an environmentally sound and economically viable manner. Bio-mining is the scientific process of excavation, treatment, segregation and gainful utilisation of aged municipal solid waste lying in dumpsites typically referred to as legacy waste.”

It is a process of treating garbage or waste with bio-organisms or natural elements like air and sunlight. Over time, the biodegradable component of the waste gets decomposed through the natural process, and the remaining part i.e. non-biodegradable material is then dealt separately.

It comprises 4 steps:

excavation of legacy waste, stabilizing the waste using bio-remediation, segregation of excavated waste and then sustainable management and its safe disposal. The methods of bio-mining include Bioleaching, Bio-oxidation, Dump leaching, and agitated leaching.

Our Expertise

Survey of Dumping Ground & Identify , portion of dumping yard to begin., Land clearing for Mechanical Mobilization , & Establishment of Mechanical Infra at Site , Excavation of Waste & Making of Plots , Addition of Bio-culture , Heap Formation , Ballistic Separation Transportation of recycle material & Land clearing & Site beautification