Electric Incinerators & Cremators



As one of the fastest growing cremation manufacturing companies, we provide technologically advanced human cremation equipment and animal cremation machines, suitable for all.

Today Bahuguna Techmotives Pvt Ltd is an emerging environmental firm in India manufacturing world-class quality Products like Human Crematoriums, Animal incinerators for our clients since 2017, through our channel & distribution partners.

We specialise in designing & manufacturing of standard and premium incinerators for all kind of requirements. As one of the fastest growing cremation manufacturing companies, we provide technologically advanced human cremation equipment and animal cremation machines, suitable for small batch and large batch operations. Combined with our professional cremator flue gas dust filter system, we can build each crematorium into an environmentally friendly crematorium that represents green cremation.

Why Electric Cremation


Today Electric Cremation is preferred across globe for environmentally friendly reasons, using fewer resources without impacting Environment, & such as land and Cremation & burial items. Cremation is much lesser cost and hassle free compared to traditional cremation, which requires a lot of other additional expenses. When you or your loved ones choose Electric cremation, it simplifies the choices a family would be required to make for a traditional funeral service, at an already difficult time.

After affordability, experts view this as the biggest factor in the growing popularity of cremation: More people are relocating from their hometowns; Electric cremation has become a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional burial. These days Indians are living busy lives and, as mentioned earlier, often live far from family and friends. This can sometime make it difficult to plan and carry out a traditional cremation ceremony. For that reason, cremation offers portability and greater flexibility in services in a way that traditional way can’t match. In contrast to a traditional service, cremation can be performed at any time.

Types of Cremation Systems


1 Hybrid - GAS / Diesel - The Hybrid Diesel /LPG Gas crematorium is built with double chamber cremation furnace with a strong cremation bed and secondary air holes. Combustion blowers are switched on and then the burners, in the cremation chambers, switched on to get the furnace temperature at about 700⁰C. In the Gas Crematorium incinerate at the temperature of 700⁰C and the cremation gets completed in about 60 to 90 minutes. The hazardous gas and other substances are piped out from cremation chamber and cleaned by wet scrubber with water treatment and finally the hot air is being discharged into the 100 feet height chimney.

2. Electric - Electric cremation is an eco-friendly alternative that is gaining in popularity. Electric cremation, also known as electric incineration, uses a high-powered furnace and a retort where the body is placed like gas-powered cremation. Once the furnace reaches a certain temperature the body is rolled into the heated chamber. The furnace is powered by simple electric connections and can be plugged into a three-phase electric outlet. Since the cremator is airtight, a filter system is installed. Any substances or gasses that are generated in the chamber go through a water treatment process to ensure it can be safely vented out of a chimney. The water then goes into an effluent treatment plant to be treated as well.

Our internal design has more than just Electric Incineration machines. We also provide ancillary equipment, operating system and flue gas dust removal and filtration treatment system. In addition to design, manufacturing and installation, it also provides the best crematorium maintenance services according to customer requirements.

  • Robust Construction
  • Dual Chambers
  • High Temperature Refractory Lining
  • Automatic Ignition On/Off Burner
  • Virtually Smoke & Smell Free with Secondary Burners
  • Quick Heat up and less Operation time
  • Trouble free operation and maintenance
  • Design with Central Pollution Control Broad (CPCB) norms.
  • Available with or without Air Pollution Controlling Devices (APCD)
  • Available in Diesel, Petrol, Gas and Electrical
  • Specially design for Single body

Animal waste incinerators are used for disposing of dead animals. The dead remnants of the animal are converted to ash eliminating the spread of deadly toxins. In the incineration process, the temperature in the chamber goes up to 1300 deg resulting in minimal smoke and waste gases.

The crematorium will be consisting of separate furnace chambers for big animals, and separate furnace chambers for small animals. Common filtration system can be provided for the exhaust gases consisting of COx, NOx, SOx, and hydro carbon compounds. The exhaust from the filtration system will be given to the chimney input. The Animal Incinerator system will be working on electricity. The Time required for 1 big animal will be 4 hrs and for small animal would be approximately 1.5 hrs

Safety and controls - Burners shall operate on “ON” – “OFF” basis depending on the temperature set in the respective temperature indicator/ controller. The burner management system consists of a sequence controller to monitor burner operations.

Safety Measures - All safety interlocks are provided like audio visual alarms for drive failures, excess temperatures, ID/FD Fan failures and any other failures are provided.

Human Body Incinerator

Human Incinerators or the cremation furnace, are also known as the cremators are used in crematoriums. The incineration process of a dead body is carried at a temperature ranging between 1000 to 1300 degrees Celsius.

Capacity: 1Kg to 200 Kgs / Hr

Type: Stationary

Fuel: Diesel, Gas, Electric