Municipal solid waste REJECTS destruction systems

Municipal solid waste


Bahuguna Techmotives Garbage destruction, thermal waste decomposition machine, works on the scientific principle of Magnetic partial Pyrolysis.

Magnetic Pyrolysis is an entirely new approach to waste destruction that does not require any type of fuel, it uses minimal electricity and less emissions. This process generates reactive oxygen under plasma condition and in turn reacts with organics to generate fuel gases and the same will be used as fuel to further combustion processes. In this process all the organic matter completely decomposes and completes a pollution-free disposal of organic mixed solid waste. This also controls the running cost of the machine.

The magnetic pyrolysis machine is capable of handling up to 30% moisture containing wastes. It is capable of decomposing waste in the ratio 70:30 – dry /wet. India generates a lot of wet waste. While the Government strictly directs everyone to segregate waste on a daily basis, into wet and dry - it is not done efficiently. This burden on non-segregated waste then falls on the municipalities and city corporations.

It uses a unique technology; wherein the maximum operating temperature inside the system would be approximately up to 600°C. The process involves a magnetic flux created with the controlled oxygen presence inside the magnetisation induced plasma chamber, which ensures the complete combustion and decomposition of waste into ceramic ash. (Complete decomposition). This system of waste decomposition is capable of decomposing all types of rural, urban, Semi-urban generated mixed solid waste including paper, plastic, rubber, cloth, leaves, kitchen waste, vegetarian & non-vegetarian waste, poultry waste etc.

Our System utilizes magnetism generated by a special patented technique and sends a magnetic field through the opening into the unit accompanied by a small airflow. For oxidation reaction the system requires 200°C after which magnetized air induces oxidation and produce syn gas which is used as secondary fuel inside the chamber due to which temperature increases. The magnetic field encounters a heat source in the centre of the chamber which activates the magnetic field and induces the generation of a magnetic movement. The magnetic flux thereby generated decomposes waste materials inside into ash. Thermo chemical decomposition of the Garbage materials takes place at elevated temperature by the heat energy developed inside the chamber. Simultaneous Changes takes place in chemical composition and physical phase and is irreversible. This process does not allow oxidation but precede natural thermal decomposition.

The Machine uses controlled and radicalized oxygen to disintegrate the waste in the chamber. The waste is taken, to it a plasma stage where temperature ranges from 350°C – 600°C depending on the calorific value of the waste. The flue gases or sin gases thus emitted though in a small quantity because of the regulated oxygen are passed through a two stage. Wet scrubbing and the left-over gases if any, are passed through a secondary heat chamber where they are heated to 850°C to burn out left-over sin gases and released to the atmosphere through a chimney.

During thermal decomposition of MSW waste by the way of magnetic pyrolysis, creates the least amount of flue gases (natural draft) which then goes through a spray tower scrubber to remove particulates and any acidic fumes and secondary heater (850°C) is provided with residence time of 30 Second to decompose if any Dioxin & Furan. The magnetic pyrolysis machine is even capable of decomposing this non-segregated waste in the said ratio. Moreover, additional dryers and heaters can be installed for quick drying of wet waste to improve the efficiency of the machine.

The magnetic pyrolysis machine is capable of destroying waste to a great degree. The quantity of waste destruction cum ceramic waste generation is in the ratio of 1 by 300. Which means 1000 Kg of mixed solid waste can be destructed to 3-4 Kg of nontoxic by-product. The by-product in this system is ceramic ash and it is complying with the TCLP test. Since it is not toxic and had the commercial value, the same may be used in the tiles and ceramics industry. Ceramic ash is the waste which is generated in this process and has no sludge formation.


The fact that the waste is processed in plasma stage at high temperatures helps in reducing the waste to inert ash in closed environment thus eliminating all the pathogenic contamination if any. The waste or ash has zero calorific value and zero contamination post processing and it can be used to make cement tiles or bricks.


The waste gases emitted in the process pass through scrubbing and secondary heating chamber there by removing all the deposits and gases before passing to the environment. The machine there by proves that it can be used for hazards waste or Covid waste generated at various hospitals quarantine centres etc and eliminated with zero energy consumption for the process and very little consumption for the elimination of gases and other deposits.

The stack emission monitoring has been conducted through NABL & MoEF approved Lab as per the incinerator emission guidelines and complies with all the parameters of Pollution control board.